Friday, 12 March 2010

Journal pg7

Its been a while since i wrote in my journal so i think im going to limt the jounal to 1 entry a week is it is quit time consumeing and iv been working on important developement
so this week i had a workshop with 1 of the teqnile tueters marrry and it was based on puppet making the idea is to llern the basics of puppet making and also haveing a succseful puppet that will work well wen it comes to animate it at a later stage i found the work shop very usefull and learn allot from it and how to make a succsefull pupet my plans are to start masproducing the pupets for my animation as some times they can get worn this is also a cheeper alterntive to buying an exspencive £500 puppet iv also been intrested in latex models and casts so ther will be a workshop set up for that 1s iv got the hand of it im looking to start work on animation tests to see how it will animate the armitures are the skelton that are in the puppet and the way u make this is very importan as it saports the puppet the armiture is made from soft alminum 7 gage wire and is tristed to hellp sapot the structure of the puppet 1s evry thing is set the puppet wil get made in to a cast with plaster and then will be mad with some foum latex im hopeing to prodes some armites and also do some tes modelling to help me get better and derlope my skill for the project

Thursday, 11 March 2010

fonts for 1 sheet development

1 sheets examples

1 sheets examples

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

video reserch

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Drawing devleopment

Thursday, 25 February 2010

story boarding

To day i started planing my shots for my story board of my short film Luck Coin I had started drawing my frames at uni and carried on wen i got home after i had finished drawing some frames i asked my housemate to have a look and give me he s apionion he had a look and made some suggestion witch wear a big help to me
these are the frames he help me with i have my original in a folder but will be putting them in my sketch book at some point the next step will be to couplet the story board clean it up in photoshop or illustrator and then start putting the animatic together with premier or after affects

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Journal pg6

TO day iv been looking at some development of my idea Lucky coin iv been think and look at different images and videos of slot machines I will post some picts and videos of what iv been looking at but to some it up iv been thinking that this idea will be relay good on account of time that i have for a film im pretty sure this would fit in to 1 min tops give or take 3o second for opining title and end credits
so one idea is to use found object iv been think of buying a little toy slot machine for this project or even build one out of metries as for the animation proses two things come to mind using stop-motion elements or after affects this could also have the elusion of motion graphics don with in after affects .

links to videos on you tube

Images of toy slots machesns